a look inside louis’ iPhone - iOS 8. :-)



i want to see louis giggling into harry’s neck 



Northern lights in Hamarøy, Norway (22 Sep) | Morten Aspaas


Northern lights in Hamarøy, Norway (22 Sep) | Morten Aspaas
this turned out much longer than i anticipated sry

fieryloins submitted: an anon told u about ryker madison and i just had to let u know u have a gif of him in ur grouis tag (u reblogged it like two months ago ik but) and also this anon has ryker in it too (idk if u noticed) 

they’re both from this video… in case… ya know… u wanna watch it or smth… the first 4 mins is talking but i recommend starting at 3:15 mins b/c the bottom is all “i wanted to apologize for being such a brat, daddy” (he doesn’t actually say daddy, unfortunately, but ti’s totally implied) and also he does this fucking thing where he puts his hand on the back of his neck and looks so sheepish and apologetic. heis so good of a louis lookalike it kills me. it’s like when louis w his fringe was so soft n twinky. that’s what this bottom is 

if you’ve already seen that vid then uh… nvm lol but here’s some vids u could imagine the bottom/solo guy is louis:

  1. bottoms comes twice in two minutes (they’re in a public bathroom too!!! FUCK) (2 mins)
  2. this guy’s dick jumps each time the top fucks into him (2 mins)
  3. pale louis massaging his prostate w multiple cumshots (3:30 mins)
  4. here’s a solo vid of a guy w/ a fleshlight cockring and attached prostate massager (30 secs) (i believe u had an ask about cock rings that have a prostate massager attached to them at some point so here one is in action)

p.s. stuff

  1. ok so this isn’t louis but it is SO REMINISCENT OF UR COCK CAGE FIC harry with a vibrator up his ass cumming four times (1:30 mins)
  2. ziam ft. power!bottom zayn (7:30 mins) (he is literally bent in half and positioning liam’s cock how he wants it fuuuck & the top’s cock is thick af)
  3. hardly ever am i a niam girl (#nessie4lyf), especially when it comes to more than a bromance, but the the lookalike level in this vid is OUTSTANDING (1:30 mins)
  4. there is a video (15 secs)  larrystylinsmut posted a long time agoof a tan bottom grinding/riding dick and coming untouched, he has a belly button ring… it has since been deleted, but i saved it tho so i could upload it if u wanna see it
What's this winter exchange you mentioned earlier?

hlwinterexchange.tumblr.com :)

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i’m sorry i didn’t see it my tag is broken :( and yay!!(i go hard for gryles friendship)i’m really excited!!!

ahhh yay i’m glad you’re excited ^.^ i’m excited to finally start posting it soon tbh haha

"#LOUIS UNTYING THE SHOE AND THEN HARRY RETYING IT#MISCHIEVOUS DAD AND RESPONSIBLE DADDY BALANCING EACH OTHER OUT#THAT IS ALL" one day a little baby boy or girl will be in liam's shoes and Louis will do that exactly face again ❤_❤


cool dad be like


and responsible daddy be like


and cool dad kinda just


So many parental feels and they don’t even have children yet……


daily reminder that i love emma povverbottoms more than u

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not even gryles friendship? :(

yeah there’ll probably be some gryles friendship, but not anything romantic or sexual about it!